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Our experts offer a variety of consulting services to intervene on sexual violence. We want to help you create structures and cultures that promote safety. To do that, supporting survivors is always at the center of our work.

At Beyond Compliance, we define sexual violence broadly to include sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, exploitation, harassment, discrimination, incivility, and abuses of power. We recognize that gender-based harm often co-occurs with other inequalities, such as racism, classism, homo/biphobia, transphobia, and ableism. In all of our work, we take an expansive and intersectional approach.


Learn With Us

As former educators, our team believes in the power of education to create social change. In all of our training materials, we center survivors and the impacts of sexual violence, as well as practical interventions that attendees can easily carry out.


Our experts offer invited talks, educational series, and workshops. As part of our training, we offer complimentary strategy meetings with changemakers in your organization to assist in the implementation of knowledge.


Consult an Expert

Our experts are eager to share decades of experience with you. We consult on any project intended to contribute to the end of sexual violence. In the past, we have:


  • Assisted journalists and documentary makers to frame projects in ways that are empirically accurate and trauma-informed

  • Distilled academic literatures to support the development of anti-violence programming for K-12 students

  • Consulted with researchers to develop inclusive methodologies to capture the realities of violence and offer appropriate supports to participants

  • Provided expert witness briefs and testimony for gender-based violence legal cases

  • Worked alongside policymakers to ensure the efficacy of legislative interventions

Climate Assessment

In the aftermath of a violent incident, we know that many organizations hope to take action to prevent future harm. We provide climate assessments to identify the scope of the problem and determine the structural vulnerabilities that make violence likely to occur. Using the information we gather, our clients will receive evidence-based recommendations for interventions that are tailored to the unique needs of their organization.

Program & Policy Development

For organizations who already recognize a specific need in their community, we provide program development to create robust structural and cultural interventions that promote safety and support survivors.


We see program development as a long-term project. Our experts will work alongside your organization to craft an implementation plan that suits the needs of your community and ensure that any changes made are effective.

Program & Policy Evaluation

For organizations who already have a specific program in place, we provide program evaluation to ensure that it is having the desired effect. If the program’s impact is out of alignment with its intent, we will offer recommendations for evidence-based interventions to ensure your organizations’ resources are truly dedicated to ending sexual violence.

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