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We are scientists. And we follow the data.

Our approach is grounded in three well-established scientific facts.



Many perpetrators only commit acts of violence in specific social settings. People act violently when they feel an incentive or pressure to do so. 



The traumatic impact of violence is shaped by everything that happens after the violence itself is over. We have the power to make violence less harmful by offering survivors the support they need.



There are safe havens from violence. And safe organizations have one trait in common: they do not tolerate violence in any of its forms.


At Beyond Compliance, we don’t believe in bad apples. We recognize that any act of violence is indicative of a bigger cultural problem at an organization. And we believe it is fixable.

Using an evidence-based approach, we want to help your organization confront past harms and prevent future violence. Our experts will identify structural vulnerabilities that allowed violence to happen in your organization–and that can be shifted to make it harder for violence to occur in the future. We will also ensure that survivors are well-supported, making it easier for them to not only remain in your organization, but thrive. By focusing on prevention and response simultaneously, we will create the foundation for a new culture of safety.

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